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Even if tight on budget, I enjoy going out and grep food with my friends from time to time. To prevent spending all of months budget for a certain meal I collected the best cheap restaurants in Munich for you.

Yeah, food in Munich is not as cheap as in other German cities. But there are some hidden gems where you get awesome food for a decent price.

All the categories are a recommendation for what occasion I enjoy going to this certain places the most. Apart from that they are usually open all of the day. Just check out their websites to see if the are open right now.

Breakfast & Coffee Break in Munich on a budget

Baader Caf├ę – Breakfast for the hungry

Baader coffee munich outside view. One of Munich cheap restaurants
Baader coffee munich outside view. (c) Baader Coffee Facebook page

Baader Caf├ę is the perfect place if you didn’t sleep and crave for a breakfast. Even if you do not have much money left from your party night thread yourself a few pancakes and feel theit energy in preventing a hangover.

Location: Baaderstra├če 47, 80469 Munich

Website: facebook.com/Baadercafe

Vorhoelzer Forum – View included

Vorhoelzer forum coffee place. Best view of the Munich cheap restaurants.
Vorhoelzer forum coffee place. (c) muenchen.de

As this coffee place has my favorite view in Munich it ha to be in the list of Munich cheap restaurants. As it is actually a student coffee place in the technical university you get good coffee for decent prices in a young atmosphere. Being on the 5th floor the Vorhoelzer Forum offers you a 280┬░ rooftop experience.

How to get there: Enter the main entrance of the TU, turn right into the first alley until you at the end of building. Take the stairs until the 5th floor or on the opposite of the hall there is also an elevator ­čśë

Location: Arcistra├če 21, 80333 Munich

Website: ar.tum.de/vf/cafe/

Bellevue di monaco – The good place

Bellevue di monaco. The fair Munich cheap restaurant.
Bellevue di monaco. (c) bellevuedimonaco.de

It was a special matter for me to add Bellavue di monaco to this list. The place is a center for supporting refuges and bringing people together. The coffee place is run by refuges and has a socialist spirit. I like this place the most in summer, when you can sit outside of place and watch the passersby.

Location: M├╝llerstra├če 2,80469 Munich

Website: bellevuedimonaco.de

Snacks in one of the Munich cheap restaurants

Gute┬áNacht┬áWurst – Sausage party

Gute Nacht Wurst. The curry sausage Munich cheap restaurant.
Gute Nacht Wurst. (c) tripadvisor.com

That moment: You are out for a beer with your friends and then the hunger hits you. Before spending a lot of money on bad food, try this cheap sausage place.

Location: Klenzestra├če 32, 80469 Munich

Website: facebook.com/GuteNachtWurst

Sababa – The orient

Sababa cheap oriental restaurant in munich
Sababa. (c) abendzeitung-muenchen.de

The Sababa might not be the cheapest oriental style restaurant all around Munich, but is definitely one of the best value to money ratio. High quality food for a decent price. As it is close to the Viktualienmarkt it is a good place for grabbing some food during your shopping trips in the city.

Location: Westenriederstra├če 9, 80331 Munich

Website: sababa-munich.com

M├╝nchner Suppenk├╝che – Warm your heart

M├╝nchner Suppenk├╝che. Cheap soups in munich
M├╝nchner Suppenk├╝che. (c) muenchner-suppenkueche.de

As they serve soups I like being here the most in the fall & winter. The have places all around Munich and you also can buy soups for self-boiling at home. My favorite soup: Karrote-Kokos-Ingwer (carrot-cocos-ginger)

Location: Multiple locations across Munich. Give their website a visit to find a location near you.

Website: muenchner-suppenkueche.de

Idas┬áMilchladen – Bavarian snacks

Idas Milchladen. Cheap Bavarian Snacks in Munich
Idas Milchladen (c) idas-milchladen.de

This place is certainly nice for getting cheap Bavarian dishes close to the Sendlinger gate. As the Bavarian food culture has a focus on meat all meat lovers will be satisfied here. The do offer vegetarian food as well, but there are other places in this list with better options.

Location: Kreuzstra├če 23, 80331 Munich

Website: idasmilchladen.de

Der kleine Chinese

Der kleine Chinese. Cheap Asian fast food in Munich
Der kleine Chinese (c) tripadvisor.com

Nice little Chinese place offering cheap and nice Asian food. What I enjoy the most is grabbing some summer or spring roles as snack to go and sit at the Isar with them. (At their location close to Frauenhoferstra├če)

Location: Multiple locations across Munich. Give their website a visit to find a location near you.

Website: der-kleine-chinese.de

Best Munich cheap restaurants for lunch

Mutter Erde – Vegan Lunch only

Mutter Erde. Cheap organic lunch in Munich
Mutter Erde (c) muttererde-bio.de

As Mutter Erde is mainly a supermarket selling organic food they only offer lunch (shops have to close in Bavaria at 8pm). All food they offer is vegan and they have a weekly changing menu. Ask them for their topics on the different days. (The plan is changing but orientates around topics on different days.)

Location: Amalienstr. 89, 80799 Munich

Website: muttererde-bio.de

Basic – All organic food

Basic buffet. Cheap organic lunch in Munich
Basic buffet (c) basic-buffet.de

The Basic buffet offers organic dishes around 10ÔéČ with a wide range including vegetarian, vegan and meat. Want food without leaving your house? The deliver as well.

Location: Herzogstra├če 129, 80796 Munich

Website: basic-buffet.de

Import Export – Decide what you pay

Import export. creative food cantine in Munich
Import Export (c) kreativquartier-im-prozess.de

Another interesting experiment is the Import Export. Their Kantine offers daily changing vegan and vegetarian dishes. Their pricing model is that you can decide yourself what you want to pay in the range of 6.5ÔéČ-9ÔéČ. So support the community in the beginning of the month and pay less when you run short at the end of the month ­čśÇ

Location: Dachauerstra├če 114, 80636 Munich

Website: import-export.cc


This category offers you places where you can sit nice and enjoy your time there. Most of them are a bit more expensive than the lunch offers, but that is a normal thing. Most of this Munich cheap restaurants also offer lunch with discounted prices.

Andy’s┬áKrablergarten – Beer garden time

Andys Krablergarten, best Schnitzel place in Munich
Andys Krablergarten (c) andyskrablergarten.de

Andy’s Krablergarten offers you a nice beer garden to sit and good Bavarian food. Best place for getting a Schnitzel, as they offer more than 10 different styles of Schnitzel.

Location: Thalkirchnerstra├če 2, 80337 Munich

Website: andyskrablergarten.de

Nana – Little Tel Aviv

Nana oriental food in Munich
Nana (c) nana-muenchen.de

If you are into Hummus and other Israel food you will love this cute little place. Offering all sorts of different food, meat lovers and veggies will both be happy. Be prepared to wait a bit for a table.

Location: Metzstra├če 15, 81667 Munich

Website: nana-muenchen.de

Holy┬áBurger – The Burger place

Holy Burger burger place in Munich
Holy Burger (c) cool-cities.com

No food list can be without a burger place and Holy Burger is ours. For around 10ÔéČ you get awesome organic burgers which will blow your mind. Are you in the mood for something big? Get the Holy Bim Bam (18ÔéČ) and see if you can take it.

Loation: W├Ârthstra├če 7, 81667 Munich

Website: holyburgergrill.de

Fei┬áScho – Asian fusion

Fei Scho Asian fusion in Munich
Fei Scho (c) instagram.com

The Fei Scho only offers only a small menu, but all the dishes are nicely composed and cooked. They call themselves Asian fusion kitchen, as they offer food from all around Asia with not certain focus a country. I like the Pho soups (Vietnamese) the best. Typical German: Cash only!

Location: Multiple locations across Munich. Give their website a visit to find a location near you.

Website: feischo.com

L’Osteria – Pizza bigger than the plate

L'Osteria huge pizzas in Munich
L’Osteria (c) abendzeitung-muenchen.de

Being a big chain all across L’Osteria is far away from being a hidden gem, but their Pizzas needed to be in this list. For 10ÔéČ you get a Pizza bigger then the plate and of a very nice quality. Most of the guests take part of their Pizza with them after their dinner as they weren’t able to make the whole thing. As you can get it from the name, it is Italian style pizza with a real flat dough

Location: Multiple locations across Munich. Give their website a visit to find a location near you.

Website: losteria.net

Pepenero – Party starter

Pepe Nero cheap pizza place in Munich
Pepe Nero (c) stadtgui.de

Another nice Italian restaurant chain offering a wide range of cheap Italian food. One of there locations close to Gieselastra├če is the perfect start into your party night. Get some nice food and then continue to one of the bars in the same street.

Location: Multiple locations across Munich. Give their website a visit to find a location near you.

Website: pepe-nero.de

Bratwurstherzl – N├╝rnberger sausages

Bratwurstherzl Bavarian sausage in Munich
Bratwurstherzl (c) tripadvisor.com

As also reflected in this list, we Bavarians are really into meat and especially sausages. At Bratwurstherzl you get the typical N├╝rnberg style ones.

Location: Dreifaltigkeitsplatz 1, 80331 Munich

Website: bratwurstherzl.de

Hope this list of the Top 10 Munich cheap restaurants did give you some nice places for having nice food and fun with you friends. If you got a restaurant you would like to see added or other feedback for this article, do not hesitate to write me: [email protected]


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