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Free furniture and other free stuff in Munich

When moving into your new apartment one of the highest matter of expense is often the furniture. There are several Facebook groups and online platforms where you can get free furniture in Munich. Sure in these platforms there is not only furniture but all sorts of things for free or for a fraction of the original price.

Some of the offers are German only as the folks gifting their things are not able to speak good English. Use for translating your messages into German, this will increase your chance of getting an answer.

Facebook groups for Free stuff in Munich

Easiest place for finding hidden free gems in Munich is Facebook. Just join one (or several) of the following groups and you will the first one to get new offers.

Portals for cheap stuff in Munich

Apart from Facebook there are other portals offering free & cheap stuff sold by individuals. The nice thing here is, that you can search and filter for categories e.g. free furniture in Munich to see only that certain group.

  • Ebay Kleinanzeigen: This is the biggest and most well known portal for all kind of things. From buying a car to getting free stuffed animals, this site offers all of that
  • Kleiderkreisel: This portal is specialized on clothing. In the beginning of a new season you can find super nice brands for a fraction of the price.
  • Shpock: Is a uprising competitor to Ebay Kleinanzeigen. They also offer a wide range of different things. As they are a bit more modern than EK their app is fairly nice and if you prefer an App over a website do check it out
  • This portal is for all things happening in a neighborhood. (Events, Politics, Selling) Often you can find the best hidden gems here, but you will have to search the site quite a while. I got an awesome old wardrobe from here, but merely by accident than active searching.

Hope you will find free furniture and other nice things to make your apartment even more beautiful.


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