🛴 Munich e-scooter comparison (+Free Credits)

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Munich e-scooter comparison, plus free credits

E-scooters are the uprising star in the transportation industry. For getting the best deal for you I sat down and did the Munich e-scooter comparison. On top of the comparison I also got you free credits so that you scooter around (yep, that’s the verb) even cheaper.

Legal infos

  1. You may not use the scooter on sidewalks or in pedestrian zones
    1. Best: Use bike lanes
    2. If no bike lane is available: Use the road
  2. Speed limit of 20 km/h (you do not have to think about that as it is build into all the e-scooters in this comparison)
  3. You have to be at least 14 years old
  4. Alcohol levels are the same as for cars. Stay safe and don’t drink and drive
  5. No license & helmet required (but helmet is advised)
  6. Only one person per scooter

How to rent an e-scooter in Munich

The e-scooter rental is quite straight forward.

  1. Download the app of the vendor you like the most
    1. Use the links I below to automatically get free credits
    2. Voi is the cheapest one right now
  2. Register in the app
  3. Enter your payment details (a credit card is required for that)
  4. Check on the map where a charged scooter is available
  5. Select and unlock it
  6. Scooter around 😉
  7. Leave & lock it in an allowed area (allowed areas are marked in the app)

Munich e-scooter Comparison table

Circ e-scooter provider compared in the Munich e-scooter comparisonLime e-scooter compared in the Munich e-scooter comparisonTier mobility e-scooter compared in the Munich e-scooter comparisonVoi e-scooters compared in the Munich e-scooter comparisonJump e-scooter compared in the Munich e-scooter comparisonBird e-scooter compared in the Munich e-scooter comparisonBird e-scooter compared in the Munich e-scooter comparison
Unlock cost1€1€1€1€1€1€1€
Minute cost0.2€0.2€0.19€0.15€0.2€0.2€0.2€
Payment MethodDebit/Credit cardDebit/Credit cardDebit/Credit cardDebit/Credit cardDebit/Credit cardDebit/Credit card
Coupon value3 free unlocks = 3€1 free unlock = 1€1 free ride in the download link + codes: 2 free rides, 5 free rides2.5 Voi credits = 2.5€
Coupon codel94802In the Download linkSTART,
In the Downoad link

As you can see, currently Voi is by far the cheapest one, nut in the end all of them are close together regarding the pricing.

Have fun on the scooters and stay save!


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